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Important Information on Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Owner: Manop Promsuri

Thai massage is a unique bodywork therapy. It comprises a wonderful mixture of passive yoga (stretching and twisting), acupressure to the so-called “sen sib” (lines of energy), gentle compression of the joints, herbal medicine, spiritual practices, tension and relaxation, further special massage techniques and breathing exercises.

Thai massage is an ancient Thai healing tradition. It is a sophisticated bodywork therapy performed by a skilled practitioner and has nothing to do with massages of erotic nature.

Thai massage is well-being for body and soul.
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Attention. Please keep in mind that a massage therapist is not a physician, even if he/she can sometimes work wonders.

In general, Thai massage does not pose a threat to your health, if the massage therapist disposes of the correct training, has acquired sufficient experience and is informed about possible health constraints of his/her clients.

Please observe the following constraints or situations, where a Thai massage will not be performed for safety to your health. Please inform the massage therapist about your health situation and in case one of the below-mentioned points applies to you.

In general:

  • fever
  • intoxication (alcohol or drugs)
  • cancer (unless permitted by the attending physician)
  • muscle lesions or inflammations (within 48h afterwards)
  • bone fracture, dislocated joint
  • contagious skin diseases
  • unhygienic body
  • mycosis of the feet
  • pregnancy before week 16
  • HIV infection

The intake of heavy meals should be avoided within one hour and a half prior to the massage.

Foot massage:

  • high blood pressure
  • 1 to 3 days after start of the menstruation
  • Cesarian within the last two years
  • pregnancy
  • rheumatism and related diseases
  • mycosis of the feet

The intake of heavy meals should be avoided within 30 minutes prior to the massage.