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Manop Promsuri, born in 1975, has been living in Germany for over 19 years. He studied Business Administration, Industrial Engineering and Information and Knowledge Management. Besides getting to know nice fellow students, his university studies remained a mere pastime. His real interest was arts, music and cooking. He has not been able to turn his creativity and artistic talent into professional practice, so they remain his hobby today.

A long path ensued until he found his happiness and his dream job: Thai massage. Never before had he thought of seriously engaging into Thai massage and to make it his profession. However, already as a child he had been able to gather first on-hands experience thanks to his grandmother, who introduced him to Thai massage and thanks to his father, who had always suffered from physical troubles and had asked for a Thai massage. He bribed his son with a few coins for candy so that he would massage his back.

Like this, he already immerged into the culture of Thai massage as a child. Many years later, as an adult, he visited a Thai massage practice. After this, he has not been able to stop dreaming about learning the art of massage professionally. He followed his dream and underwent a professional training to be a massage therapist in the famous Wat Pho Thai massage school in Bangkok. There, he learned to practice traditional Thai massage and also acquired knowledge in medical thai massage therapy, which he was able to further improve in several massage centers.

Today he is an experienced massage therapist. His massage skills are much valued among his clients.

At this point he wishes to thank all teachers of Thai massage. He is also much obliged to the monk Pu Aad of Wat Sena Naruemid temple in north-eastern Thailand for his magnificent herb garden, where all kinds of medical plants can be examined and studied.

He also wishes to thank the physician Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, the founding father of traditional Thai medicine, who deceased over 2,000 years ago: „Om namo Shivago Marrapajjo Puchaya"

Philosophy of life

  • Life is short, enjoy it by donating time to yourself.
  • In a healthy person, body, soul and surroundings find themselves in harmony.
  • A happy person is somebody who continuously develops his/her ethical consciousness by meeting all living beings with respect and attentiveness, who is prepared to donating a smile to himself/herself and to others.
  • My father said to me: “Those who desire less are happier.”
  • My mother said to me: „If you want to do something good, you do not need a specific place or person, you should always be ready for it.“
  • Mother, father, I love you.
    Grandmother, grandfather, I love you.
    Sister, brother, I love you.
    Friends, children, I love you.
    Animals, I love you.